Be among the first to know all about the new Rivers Casino Philadelphia. In the months to come, you will see a re-imagined casino floor, a reconcepted dining space, new beverage service, and an all new state-of-the-art sportsbook.

Just press play to tune in and join the conversation with General Manager Rob Long, Vice President of Casino Marketing Dean McBride, and Vice President of Marketing Dedren Bailey as they discuss the upcoming rebrand project. 



Chat Transcript

Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:44 I will share your feedback with our Food and Beverage Team! We know they will love to hear about your positive feedback!
hateres04 hateres04 06-20 18:44 most people like too gamble and meet new friends have something too eat and drink. win some times and have fun like myself
Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:46 Absolutely! We value the experiences each and every one of our guests have when they come to play. We know you will have great experiences with Rivers Casino Philadelphia as well!
Sherriwalker04 Sherriwalker04 06-20 18:47 I like to gamble
Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:48 We love that winning feel too!
Sherriwalker04 Sherriwalker04 06-20 18:48 I remember having about 18 of those jackpot drawings and not one of my tickets was pulled lol!
hateres04 hateres04 06-20 18:49 would be nice if you had give aways, shirts, hats,summer jackets and sweatshirts
Sherriwalker04 Sherriwalker04 06-20 18:50 I’m lmbo at your name @ haterer04
hateres04 hateres04 06-20 18:53 that name was given too me because i hated BULLIES that picked on kids that they could understand
Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:54 Hi everyone. We are experiencing technical difficulties and will not be able to continue with the live stream. However, we will be posting a video recording for you to access on this page. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you tuning in with us this evening!
hateres04 hateres04 06-20 18:55 ok thank you
Fran Davis Fran Davis 06-20 18:55 My nerves!!!!
Sherri04 Sherri04 06-20 18:55 Thank you
Levette Peoples Levette Peoples 06-20 18:55 Thanks
Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:55 We apologize for the inconvenience. The video will be uploaded as soon as possible.
Sherri04 Sherri04 06-20 18:56
johncjr51@gmail.com [email protected] 06-20 18:56 One hour later and we still have a problem. Better luck with ur new services and . Thank you .
Fran Davis Fran Davis 06-20 18:57 Just give me money on the kiosk!! Ty
Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:58 We hope to see you all soon! Thanks again for your time today. Don’t forget to check back to this page for the recording.
Fran Davis Fran Davis 06-20 18:59 About what time would the recording be on?
Rivers Rivers 06-20 18:59 We’re happy to answer any questions you have on this chat and we will answer as much as possible. We assure you that once you see the exciting Rivers Rebrand transformation that will be taking place in the months to come, you will be happy with the new Rivers Casino Philadelphia!
Fran Davis Fran Davis 06-20 19:00 Hopefully
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:02 We are going to do our best to have the video posted tonight! We know everyone is very excited about the rebrand and finding out what is to come over the next few months.
Ashley T. Ashley T. 06-20 19:02 Will there still be free parking available for casino guests?
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:03 Yes, that is the plan! We will continue to offer free parking to our guests visiting the casino.
mframer67 mframer67 06-20 19:03 Will an online casino be launched in Pennsylvania with the launch of Rivers?
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:04 We’re very excited about our online casino product and are working diligently to add it to our amenities as Rivers Casino Philadelphia. Keep an eye out on our website and social to be one of the first to know when it will be available in Pennsylvania.
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:04 We can’t wait to share more updates with you as we transition to Rivers Casino Philadelphia!
Gardengrrl Gardengrrl 06-20 19:06 Please tell me more about the new beverage service?
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:07 Will you have diff tier cards? Will you match our Rush rewards cards to the new? Are you affiliated with rivers casino in Pittsburgh?
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:08 We are working on upgrading the beverage service across the floor. We should have more details soon, however, the Poker Room recently had their beverage service upgraded and Players can now receive bottled beer, water and Red Bull.
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:09 Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is one of our sister properties. There are four Rivers properties located in PA, NY and IL.
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:11 As we transition into Rivers Casino Philadelphia, we are looking forward to introducing a new Rush Rewards program. Check in on our website and social media for details in the future.
Gardengrrl Gardengrrl 06-20 19:11 Lovely, thank you. Never understood how the house benefited from making my leave my machine to get a decent beer.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:12 Goodbye to warm flat beer in tiny cups? Lol
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:15 When you first switched to cups of beer I complained to someone in a suit, He said I will get the server to bring you a fresh cold beer? I got same beer with ice in it, I kid you not. I know I left my jaw on the floor.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:16 Lately, everything has been on point.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:17 Also, I’ve learned to like ice in my beer.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:17 I like that you are going back to bottles, appreciate that.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:18 Also, you should have another diet soda option instead of just diet Coke. Something with no caffeine.
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:19 Thanks for the feedback Beverly! We will share this with our Food and Beverage Team as we transition into Rivers Casino Philadelphia.
Pat J. Costa Pat J. Costa 06-20 19:19 Looking forward to visiting! Great job, everyone!
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:20 Thank you! It’s my favorite place to go.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:24 One more thing, we went to New year’s party, it was very nice but the snacks served were all sugar based. Not diabetic friendly. But was a nice classy party. We enjoyed ourselves.
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:28 Have a great night! Bye bye
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:29 Thanks for joining us today Beverly!
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:29 Do this again!
Rivers Rivers 06-20 19:30 Hello everyone. We are happy to announce the video has been posted. Thank you so much for joining us!
Beverly Jo Burkett Beverly Jo Burkett 06-20 19:34 Please tell me where to find video
Sherri04 Sherri04 06-20 19:44 I have no idea but when u find out let me know