$300 High Hands





Location: Poker Room

$300 – 30 Minute High Hand Giveaway

Every Monday – Wednesday: 12PM – 4PM
Every Saturday: 11AM – 8PM
Sunday, January 26: 3PM – 11PM
Promotion Description:

The player with the highest value poker hand during the thirty minute tracking period will be awarded a cash prize of $300.00. All money for the prize payouts will be taken from the High Hand Jackpot Fund. Texas Hold’em games that contribute to the High Hand Jackpot are all eligible for this promotion.

Hand Qualifications:

  • Players must use one hole card to make the best 5 card hand.
  • There must be at least four players dealt into the hand.
  • The hand is a full house, or higher ranked, hand.
  • The hand includes a pot which meets the minimum threshold for contribution to the High Hand Jackpot.
  1. There will be a High Hand tracking period to track hands. Once the High Hand Tracking period has begun, the highest qualifying hand will be conspicuously displayed in the poker room.
  2. The tracking period for the first thirty minute payout will begin at the start time of the promotion with the first payout at thirty minutes after the hour.
  3. When the thirty minute timer on has expired, the period will end and the Highest Hand at that point will be the winner regardless of other hands in play. A High Hand made from a hand in play while the clock has expired will be counted towards the following thirty minute period.
  4. The player with the winning High Hand for a particular qualifying period must be present and will have 15 minutes to claim the prize for that qualifying period.
  5. If a player fails to claim the promotion prize for the qualifying period in which they have won, the prize money will be rolled into the next qualifying period.
  6. Winners who do not have proper I.D. will have 15 minutes to claim their prize.
  7. At the start of each qualifying period, Dealers shall begin tracking hands when a player has a “Full House” hand or better, the Dealer shall call a Poker Supervisor or above who shall verify the hand and record the value on the High Hand Tracking Slip. An announcement will be made to the players of the qualifying hand, and the value of that hand will be displayed. As the values of the hands increase, the display will be updated, the new high hand will be announced and the Poker Supervisor will complete the high hand tracking slip.
  8. When the qualifying period has ended, the player with the best qualifying hand during the qualifying period shall be awarded a winner’s ticket.
  9. In the instance that multiple players tie with the same High Hand, the player who first played said high hand will win the prize. If the hands are played simultaneously, the players will split the prizes.
  10. In the instance that no hand qualifies as a High Hand during a qualification period, the prize for this period will be added to the prize for the next period. If this is the final qualification period of the night, no prize will be awarded.


$300 High Hands has ended and is not valid. See our current events list and upcoming casino promotions.

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