6 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer Before You Book

Your wedding caterer can play a vital role in the success of your wedding. If you’d like to treat your guests to fresh, high-quality food they’ll never forget, it’s vital to thoroughly get to know a prospective caterer before booking with them. By asking these six questions, you’ll know whether or not a caterer has what it takes to meet or exceed your expectations.

1. What services are included?

When you receive a quote from a caterer, you should understand exactly what it does and does not include. Is table side water service included? What about tray passed appetizers, coffee service, and cake cutting? Ask your caterer if they supply beer, wine, and champagne toast as well as which liquors are included in your package.

2. Where and when will the food be prepared for my wedding?

This is a big question. Sometimes, caterers fully cook the wedding meal in their kitchen then transport it to your venue. Other times, wedding caterers prep the food in the onsite kitchen and cook it on the spot right before they serve it to your guests. If you’d like the freshest cooking possible, opt for a cater who prepares the food onsite at your wedding venue.

3. Are you open to changing the way certain foods are prepared?

Your wedding day should reflect you and your soon to be spouse. If you both love honey dijon dressing on your salad then why not ask for it instead of the Italian or Ranch you may see on the menu. If you prefer a certain type of cheese, ask whether it can be incorporated into your appetizers or meal.

4. How will the food be presented?

When it comes to wedding food, presentation is just as important as taste. Ask your caterer how they plan on presenting your appetizers, buffet meal, or plated meal to your guests. They may have pictures or demonstrate their presentation skills during a tasting.

5. What menu items do you suggest?

Your caterer may specialize in preparing unique foods that you may not have necessarily thought of. By asking them what menu items they suggest, you are more likely to choose the most delicious options.

6. How many events will you cater on my wedding day?

If personal attention is important to you, this question is a must. The less events a caterer has on your big day, the more time and energy they’ll have to dedicate to you and your guests.

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